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Azim receives a standing ovation

Watch Azim's passionate talk on Live to Give in front of a full house at TEDx. 


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They say pictures tell a thousand words. But, combine those visuals with words that motivate greatness and you have magic! Azim's journey has seen him touch over 1,000,000 people in 30 countries, and here we are proud to share with you a collection of many of those magic moments.  Enjoy!

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Guest Blog Articles

City Builder: Vancouver Magazine

Azim Jamal recognized as on of the 45 people who made Vancouver better.

Speaking Tree - Unleashing the Power Within

Giving We all have enormous power within. Some use their power well, some misuse their power and some don’t use their power at all..

The Tyee Citizen - You Are The Best Gift

It’s not just what you give, but how you give it.

The Tyee Citizen - Building Heart Fiber in Kids

Teaching children about giving pays off.

The Tyee Citizen - True Leadership

Giving the more you give -- in time, love, kindness, and sometimes money - the more you have.

The Tyee Citizen - Give and Get

"Giving" is the most productive way to increase the well being of the giver and the world.

Monaco Review - Memorable Ecounters in Enchanting Places

In this series, Azim talks balance, giving, initiative, and intuition.

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Magazine Articles

Complete Wellbeing - Power of Giving

Giving is one of the most potent forces in the universe. The more you give, the more you create and innovate.

Complete Wellbeing - Choosing a Finely Balanced Life

Success without balance and happiness is incomplete and leads to burnout and dissatisfaction

Citizen Tanzania - The Magical Way of Coincidences

You invariably attract the right people, ideas and opportunities into your life that are harmonious with your goals.

Citizen Tanzania - Time Management

Practical and inspiring tips for setting clear priorities and purposeful goals.

English at Work - 7 Steps to Succeed at Work

Useful suggestions for those of you who are striving to climb the ladder of success

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Book Reviews

What You Seek Is Seeking You -

Giving I was so inspired from authors’ words, and I was so engrossed in the story that finding loophole is out of the question.

One Minute Sufi -

A compilation of comments and reviews from readers who read this book.

7 Steps to Lasting Happiness -

A compilation of comments and reviews from readers who read this book.

Power of Giving - Georgia Straight

Give back and get healthy.

Power of Giving -

Giving The Power of Giving is a thought-provoking book filled with encouraging stories and ideas that consider the strange phenomenon of the more you give without intentionally expecting return, the more your own life will be enriched.

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