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Azim has devoted himself to spreading the word about Business, Balance & Beyond. He has conducted high-level coaching assignments and speaking engagements with billion-dollar corporations, Fortune 500 companies and sports stars. His clients include Barclays Bank, KPMG, Deloitte, Citibank, Allergan, Standard Chartered Bank, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), plus YPO Gold (formerly World Presidents’ Organization - WPO), Varian Medical Services and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). His inspiring message has been heard live by over 1,000,000 people in 30 countries. 


Don't just take our word for it. Have a look below at just some of what our clients are saying. And for more on the power of the Corporate Sufi experience, please see YPO-YPO Gold Endorsements.

Keynotes & Seminars

Francis O’Kello – Chairman

Barclays Bank and Serena Hotels, Kenya

“It was great spending two solid days with you in Naivasha during this past week. Thanks for your inspiring post dinner presentation and for productively facilitating the Strategy Sessions. It was great reconnecting and seeing you in action during  the BBK’s retreat in Naivasha”

Brian Salisbury, Director, Strategic Planning

CLBC Conference, Canada

“Your keynote address to open our annual staff conference provided an important conceptual framework for our staff that faces a number of daily challenges that can adversely impact their work. Your message provided a way to identify barriers that can stand in the way of their ability to maximize their potential, as well as practical steps they can take to unleash their personal and professional potential. Feedback from staff has been very positive. Thank you!”

Dr. Shaheen Khan, Region Director, Medical Affairs

Allergan Inc. Western USA

I would highly endorse your presentation for anyone interested in a dynamic speaker on the subject of ‘Unleashing Potential, Regaining Balance.’ You have an incredible speaking style that exudes enthusiasm, positivism and hope. Your message was extremely well received and you gave the audience a renewed sense of passion and motivation. We all greatly benefited from your message that you articulate so eloquently, both in your books and in person. Thank you again!”

Aziz Merchant, Business Development Consultant

Chalhoub Group (includes joint ventures with Lancaster, L’Oreal, and Louis Vuitton), UAE

“Your motivational speech at the ‘Challenge of Change’ seminar in Dubai was so inspiring and uplifting, that it compelled me to reflect on myself, my priorities, my aspirations, and also my handicaps. This reflection was a true soul‐searching experience for me.”

Naz Nizari, General Manager

Galileo Emirates, UAE

“Just like most people I have had many conflicting demands on my time and I felt sometimes there just wasn’t enough energy to be perfect at work, home or in social and community endeavours. The simplest message often carries the most powerful message and the one that was most profound in Azim’s workshop is to live in the present."

KPMG member of KPMG International

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Inspirational.... boosted morale... captured the audience.. looking forward to working with you again"

CIBC Leadership


“Challenging me to push my limits... compelling...relevant"

Certified General Accountants Association


“Great content, lots of life tools! Excellent! Draws discussion without forcing it."

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Corporate & Executive Coaching

Noel Herity, CEO, Zantel

Part of Etisalat. UAE

“Azim operates at all levels in an organization from Board Room to frontline staff and his engaging approach has both practical and profound impact on the organization.”

Amar Variawa General Manager - Corporate Affairs

John Deere India Private Limited

Azim was able to strike the right chord which most of us in corporate world are facing on a daily basis. In fact, we have accepted our inefficiencies and inability to manage so many things as a part of corporate life. Yesterday’s session forced me to take a pause and think about internal empowerment and finding the purpose of life. The philosophy of “power of giving” was simply remarkable. All the small exercises and stories were complementing the topic.”

Varian Medical Services


“Found the session to be informative, relevant, inspiring, warm, motivational, authentic and genuine, fun, and engaging. Participants found the effective time management, practical tips on change and how tobalance tips most useful.”

Harpreet Singh, Senior Manager, Centurion Bank

(Now merged with HDFC Bank) Conference, India

“I would highly endorse your presentation on ‘Time Management.’ The feedback received from ALL participants was overwhelmingly positive. Some of the comments:

• Focused and timely

• Very helpful! Lots of practical tips!

• Real world examples of how to apply insights shared today

• Tips on how to reach new goals

Your message gave the audience a renewed sense of passion and motivation. We all greatly benefited fromyour message that you articulate so eloquently."

Nehemiah Mchechu, MD

National Housing Corporation, Tanzania

“When I was young, I read Brian Tracy's book "Goals" - it had a life changing impact on me! Then, later in life, I had Azim Jamal coach me one-on-one and he gave me some thought provoking perspective about the true meaning of high performance leadership. I attribute a lot of my life's success to these two world class inspiring speakers and coaches and have no hesitation to recommend them. When I heard that both of them were going to speak in Tanzania, I was thrilled! One of my missions is to inspire the Tanzanian youth to become the future leaders in the country. We at the National Housing Corporation are proud to sponsor 20 deserving youth to attend the event at the Julius Nyerere Convention Centre. Following the event, Azim Jamal and I are going to work together to support their growth over the next 1 to 3 years."

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Entrepreneur Forums

Vladimir Lupenko, YPO member & Director

FCG, Moscow, Russia

I rated Azim's session with YPO Moscow a ten out of ten! I found his topic of Business, Balance & Beyond and his non-assuming and practical approach fascinating. As a result of listening to Azim, I will be focused on things that matter most.”

Praveen Varshney, Past President & Chapter Retreat Coordinator

Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Canada

“You wowed us with your talk on finding that ever‐elusive life and work balance.”

Gil Oved, Group Co-CEO

The Creative Counsel & Dragon on Dragon’s Den, South Africa

“Azim Jamal's Business, Balance & Beyond presentation for the Johannesburg YPO Chapter was one of the best I have been to in 5 years! He has an energy that is hard to describe, but it moved me tremendously. Highly recommended event!”

Harsh Bansal, MD

BMWIL and WPO member, India

“Azim’s Corporate Sufi presentation on ‘Power Your People’ to the YPO‐WPO group in Calcutta was fantastic! I found his concepts on time management, empowerment, and priority execution simple, practical and inspiring!"

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