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The Corporate Sufi Advantage:


“Azim was very engaging and took complex issues and simplified them. He helped us understand and see how simple “happiness” can be. Overall, an excellent presentation (10/10)!

I highly recommend it.”

Samir Manji, President & CEO, Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc. and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Public Seminars


In-depth Exploration.

Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Public Speaker

Some years ago, Azim Jamal was a highly successful accountant, involved with significant business decisions. But, despite the outward appearance of success, something was missing.


This all came to a head when he was doing volunteer work with Afghan refugees. He suddenly realized a truth that shook him to the core. Those refugees, who had lost virtually everything, had a deeply moving inner strength that still shone through.


This set him on a new path of purpose, passion, balance and happiness, because material success, though important, is incomplete without spiritual success. In fact, it’s a pathway to burn-out and dissatisfaction. So he made a life-altering decision.


From that point on he would devote himself to spreading the word about Business, Balance & Beyond. This in turn has become the guiding light for our 1 and 2 Day Seminars, offering an in-depth exploration of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.



  • Highly interactive  exposure to the Business, Balance & Beyond philosophy

  • Comprehensive  Workbook and handouts for each participant

  • Personal  90-Day Score Card for keeping track of progress

  • e-Books: Condensed version of one of Azim’s books

  • Capacity to take 200+ participants


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“Azim’s delivery was simple, yet practical, powerful and profound. I loved his ‘hour of power,’ which caters for your mind, body and spirit and has personally benefited me significantly in a month’s time. Azim’s Corporate Sufi presentation highlighted a number of real-life issues, which when implemented contribute significantly to the leader individually and to a company collectively.”

Arif A. Aziz, Regional Controller,

American Life Insurance Company,

Middle East, Africa and South Asia

“Azim Jamal has this uncanny ability to customize the content and the whole event experience for the audience absolutely perfectly. It felt that he was speaking to each one of us individually. It was mesmerizing. And it left us not only with great thoughts but an actionable plan.”

Irfan Pardesi,Chairman & CEO,

ACM Gold, South Africa

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