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Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi CEO Coach



"Azim operates at all levels in an organization from Board Room to frontline staff and his engaging approach has both practical and profound impact on the organization." 

Noel Herity, CEO, Zantel, Port of Etisalat, UAE


Making Best Better.

Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Organizational and Personal Development Coach

In the business world you often hear terms like 'added-value' and 'competitive advantage'. But in order for an organization to separate itself from the rest of the pack, leaders must invest in themselves and their people. This investment in organizational and personal development allows you to thrive and succeed in a challenging marketplace. A marketplace that demands more from products, services, and people. Azim's Executive and Corporate Coaching programs will unleash your, and your team's potential so that you are all functioning on the leading edge.
Azim has always operated on the principle that even the best can be better; that superstars are made, not born, because they always want to surpass their own records. Let Azim share his own experiences in this realm, and provide tools and expertise that you and your team can use to differentiate from your competitors.


Devoted to spreading the word about Business, Balance & Beyond, Azim conducts high-level coaching assignments with billion-dollar corporations, Fortune 500 company executives, and sports stars. His clients include Barclays Bank, KPMG, Deloitte, Citibank, Allergan, Standard Chartered Bank, World Presidents’ Organization (WPO), Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Varian Medical Services and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

Executive Coaching

Why does Executive Coaching with Azim work?

  • A customized program designed for each participant, featuring one-on-one coaching. 

  • Executives being coached work closely and directly with Azim so he can respond to the ebbs and flows of their business and personal life.

  • Azim and his team work with the executive to identify the top objectives for the coaching program as well as pinpoint performance gaps.

  • Azim makes sure the objectives fit the executive's needs as well as the goals of the department and organization, to facilitate an effective transition from being an individual contributor, to being a people manager.

  • Our interactive learning methodology enables the executive to gain deeper insight into his or her management and leadership style by internalizing the required competencies and leveraging individual strengths.

  • Guided by a creative approach to problem-solving, the executive learns to function in an increasingly complex and deeply interdependent workplace with heightened awareness and accountability.

  • Follow-up communication with Azim or someone from the team assures expectations are being met and identifies how Corporate Sufi can continue to improve results. 

    If you would like to check Azim's availability for your coaching needs, or if you have any questions about how we can help you, please click the button below.

Corporate Coaching

Why does Corporate Coaching with Azim work?

  • Takes whole teams or departments into consideration to nurture a strong group identity and increase productivity in increasingly complex work environments.

  • Starting with a needs analysis, we develop a blueprint for a customized program, designed to meet the experience levels of your team members.

  • 3 to 6 full day Seminars and Workshops with client teams, facilitated by Azim Jamal. Other content includes:

    • Comprehensive Workbooks

    • Personal Scorecards for establishing goals and reinforcing new behavior

    • Written tips and phone call follow-ups every other month

    • Bi-weekly email exchanges with HR to assess progress

    • One-on-one coaching for three top executives, including the CEO, working in multiracial and multiethnic environments and expected to move into global leadership roles

    • Group coaching of up to 10 people during each visit, along with monthly follow-up assignments. This group can be your executive team, sales team or HR team – one which needs specific help or one which can create the highest leverage

Azim has successfully led client teams through complex challenges including succession planning, cultivating EQ, implementing change management, inculcating an innovation mindset, talent management, and learning to operate in high-stress work environments.


Follow-up communication also assures expectations are being met, and identifies how Corporate Sufi can continue to improve results.

Executive Coaching

What do our 6 and 12-month Executive Coaching Programs include? Download our brochure for more.

Corporate Coaching

What do our 6 and 12-month Corporate Coaching Programs include? Download our brochure for more.

Coaching Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Look what others are saying about Azim's inspiring coaching style and technique.

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