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The Corporate Sufi Advantage:


“I absolutely pursued that dream of winning the Stanley Cup

and was able to overcome and to achieve that dream. I want to attribute a lot of that to you and your great positive energy.”

Brad May, Stanley Cup winner, Canada.

(The Stanley Cup is the equivalent of the World Cup of ice hockey)

Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Executive Coach


Opportunity, inspiration, and discovery.

Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Executive Coach

Leaders at the C-Suite level are in many ways the ideal audience for the Business, Balance & Beyond approach.


From a business point of view they will have a great track record (though a re-examination of their modus operandi can lead to surprising opportunities for change).


As for Balance & Beyond, this is often a source of major inspiration and discovery. 


This is a highly personalized program, featuring one-on-one coaching. The clients are top-level leaders, including executives of established businesses, successful entrepreneurs, and independent professionals such as doctors, lawyers, financial advisors etc.


The program typically runs for 6 or 12 months.


The starting point is a customized needs analysis conducted by Azim and the Corporate Sufi team, and this becomes a blueprint for the program that follows.



  • Crystalization  of goals and defining success

  • Assessing happiness and balance

  • Proven learning techniques using the Corporate Sufi Audit

         and 360 Degree Assessment

  • Dedicated discussion meetings every month - face to face; Skype, or phone

  • Bi-weekly email goal setting and feedback

  • Assessments & Evaluations every 30 days; midway and final


Contact to discuss the coaching program that best  meets

your needs, or just click the “book a coaching program” button below.

“It was indeed a wonderful experience going through the coaching process with you. I gained a deeper self-awareness and was able to take specific actions to take my game to the next level. You were insightful, inspirational and practical in your approach and you strengthened my resolve to aspire for higher and nobler goals. It was absolutely worth my time and resources. I highly recommend your coaching.”

Tapas Kumar, Senior Human Resource Executive, India

“Amazing mentoring sessions. I can see the sky’s the limit and hope to achieve way beyond my expectations and to mentor others as a result. As I said, I feel it was serendipitous that you came to Karachi.” 

Karen Chase Ahmed,

Karachi, Pakistan

You may also download our Executive Coaching brochure for

more info by clicking the download brochure button below.

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