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From learning how to deal with work-place challenges, to tips on personal productivity, to responding to your deep-dive questions on life, the Corporate Sufi newsletter gives you life-changing information to stir, empower and equip you with practical and meaningful ideas to lead an authentic life, centered around the philosophy of Business, Balance & Beyond. Plus stay abreast with our latest news on workshops, events, services and receive exclusive offers.

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New - 2016


FEATURE ARTICLE: How to Overcome your Negative Ego

We are all familiar with the havoc negative ego wreaks on our lives. It harms our... READ MORE


FEATURE ARTICLE: The Difference between Negative Ego & Positive Pride

How much does negative ego cost your company? It leads to... READ MORE


FEATURE ARTICLE: Appreciating the Benefits of Receiving

I was speaking to a group from the World Presidents’ Organization in Hyderabad, India... READ MORE


FEATURE ARTICLE: Transforming Corporate Politics into Creative Synergy

Each one of us is unique and we encompass great possibilities. However, this potential needs a force, a nudge to actualize it, to awaken it. READ MORE


FEATURE ARTICLE: Tapping into your Inner Power

We have previously talked about the enormous potential contained within each of us.  READ MORE


FEATURE ARTICLE: Allowing Obstacles to Transform You

Think how you reacted to your own past challenges, and how your friends, family or colleagues reacted to theirs.  READ MORE


FEATURE ARTICLE: Your Manual for Work/Life Balance

It is not just that harmony benefits your life – lack of harmony hurts it, in real tangible ways.  READ MORE

FEATURE ARTICLE: Practicing the Power of Meditation

Our universe is born out of the womb of silence. Our potential too is tapped in silence. We awaken to this silence through meditation.  READ MORE

FEATURE: Sharpening your Present Moment Awareness at Work

Being alert and aware of the present moment, besides enhancing your productivity, also functions as an excellent tool for gleaning critical insights from your environment, and this helps you to make well thought out decisions at work.  READ MORE

FEATURE: How to Increase Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the starting point of every personal quest for growth. It clarifies our path ahead, enabling us to achieve the vision we have set out for ourselves.  READ MORE

FEATURE: How to Attract Positive Coincidences

Examples of coincidences often appear to be simply accidents. However, as Albert Einstein said: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.  READ MORE

FEATURE: The power of Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is the only leadership that endures, because it exists as a function of the individual rather than a crowd of borrowed opinions.  READ MORE

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