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In a world vigorously chasing classic ideals of success, find your spark and become significant.



By Azim Jamal

Meet Steve, a hotshot lawyer fighting to climb the corporate ladder in this inspiring fable. His life transforms seemingly overnight as he is sent to India for a task he considers pointless. But things quickly fall apart. Steve, forced to reconsider his path, realizes that the curveball life has thrown at him is an opportunity to find his true purpose. This spiritual odyssey is about to transform him beyond his wildest dreams.


Azim Jamal The Coporate Sufi What You Seek is Seeking You Book Cover 2

What You Seek Is Seeking You

Connecting philosophy with practicality.

If you’re like most people, you’re committed to finding success in your personal and professional life. But the reality is, you struggle with finding enough time, energy or balance in that pursuit. That’s exactly why Azim Jamal, along with his friend Brian Tracy, set out to write their new book, What You Seek is Seeking You. By delivering lessons creatively through a parable, the book connects philosophy with practicality, leaving you with concrete takeaways you can use in your everyday life.Be among the first people to get this new book!

Robin Sharma

#1 Bestselling Author of The Leader Who Had No Title and Founder of Titan Academy

“A fascinating book filled with valuable lessons and powerful insights that will fuel your success.”

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Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Business, Balance & Beyond Book Cover

Business, Balance & Beyond

Three vital components of any business cycle.

A book that teaches you the equal and overlapping importance of three vital components of any business cycle:


Business: combining engagement, empowerment, efficiency, leadership and capacity building
Balance: comprising internal and external richness, and
Beyond: teaching the significance of success and happiness, for yourself and for others


Ingrained in the book is the concept of the Corporate Sufi, a core philosophy shared with millions around the world.

Dr. Nido Qubein

President High Point University; Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

“Azim taps into the core fundamentals that will help you to travel the journey from success to significance in this insightful and thought-provoking book.”

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Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Book Cover

The Corporate Sufi

Reach the top without giving up ethics and principles.

The Corporate Sufi examines the uncommon connection between the age–old Sufi philosophy and living and working in the 21st century. Through Sufi messages and parables, it illustrates how using Sufi principles in a corporate setting can bring fulfillment, meaning, and spiritual enrichment.


Inspired by 20 years’ experience in professional life, the author includes practical tips on how to balance work, family, and spiritual needs; how to reach the top of the corporate ladder without giving up ethics and your principles; and find meaning, fulfillment, and inner happiness.

Jim Clemmer

Author of bestseller Firing on all Cylinders

“Azim’s simple and practical approach shows how to balance modern aspirations with ancient wisdom.”

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