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Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Business Coach

The Corporate Sufi Advantage:


“Azim took the time to get to know each and every member of

the team beforehand, and then connected with each of them.

His message was extremely well received giving a

renewed sense of passion and motivation, having a

lasting impression on all of us”

Dr. Shaheen Khan, Region Director of Medical Affairs, Allergan Inc. USA



Profound Impact on Business.

Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Fortune 500 Coach

While there are many people offering coaching, our approach goes broader and deeper. We have learned that success without balance is incomplete, leading to burn-out and dissatisfaction.


To offset this, the Corporate Sufi approach inspires leaders at all levels to create synergy between Business, Balance & Beyond, so as to achieve material success blended with purpose, passion and happiness.


Our Corporate Coaching takes whole teams or departments into consideration, and as a result can have a profound impact on a business.


We start with a needs analysis, and this becomes the blueprint for a customized program, designed to deal with each client’s particular challenges and opportunities.


This comprehensive program incoproates a one-on-one and group approach over a 6 and 12-month period. Please read below for more on what the program covers.


  • Seminars & Workshops:  3-6 full days with client teams, facilitated by Azim Jamal

  • Comprehensive Workbooks and Personal Scorecards for establishing goals and reinforcing new behaviour

  • Written tips and phone call follow-ups every other month

  • Bi-weekly email exchanges with HR to assess progress

  • One-on-one coaching for three top executives, including the CEO

  • Group coaching of up to 10 people during each visit, along with monthly follow-up assignments. This group can be your executive team, sales team or HR team – one which needs specific help or one which can create the highest leverage

  • Comprehensive, holistic and solution based overall approach


Contact to discuss the coaching program that best meets your needs, or just click the “book a coaching program” button below.

We engaged Corporate Sufi to carry out coaching for a dozen leaders at midmanagement level. This was highly successful so we engaged them to work with our Marketing, Corporate Affairs, Customer Service and Sales teams. Corporate Sufi goes much further and challenges people to see their role on a broader and deeper level – what Azim calls the synergy of Business, Balance & Beyond.”

Fred Mwita, Head of Human Resources, Vodacom, Tanzania

You may also download our Corporate Coaching brochure for

more info by clicking the download brochure button below.

“Azim operates at all levels in an organization from Board Room to frontline staff and his engaging approach has both practical and profound impact on the organization.”

Noel Herity, CEO, Zantel, Division of Etisalat, UAE

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