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The Corporate Sufi Advantage:


“Azim Jamal’s Corporate Sufi presentation was spot on! He is a master presenter poised, natural and spontaneous!”

James Benoit, CEO Afrasia Bank Limited, Mauritius


Dynamic, Thought-Provoking Messages

Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi

As founder of Corporate Sufi Worldwide, Azim Jamal inspires leaders at all levels to create synergy between Business, Balance & Beyond, so they can achieve material success blended with purpose, passion and happiness. His dynamic and thought-provoking message has been heard live by over 1,000,000 people in 26 countries worldwide.


Azim is the author of several books including The Corporate Sufi andBusiness, Balance & Beyond. He also co-authored The Power of Giving– which won the Nautilus Gold Award in 2009 for books that change lives. (Previous winners have included the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle.) He has been a # 1 author with Barnes & Noble and Amazon (twice), topping Harry Potter in 2005. His books have also been translated into 10 languages.


Azim has given keynote presentations to audiences of thousands around the world, and has shared the stage with top speakers such as Deepak Chopra and Bryan Tracy. He has alsoconducted high-level coaching assignments with the leaders of emerging businesses and billion-dollar corporations, as well as sports stars.


The Keynote is customized under the umbrella of Business, Balance & Beyond. Typically covering:



  • Effective Goal Setting

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Unleashing Your Potential

  • Maximizing Your Selling Power



  • Life Balance is a Choice

  • Time is Precious: A Friend Not An Enemy

  • Change: Do More Than Manage It, Embrace It

  • Tame Your Ego



  • Seven Steps to Lasting Happiness

  • The Power of Giving

  • Harmonizing IQ with Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

  • Living a Life of Purpose


Download our keynote presentations brochure below or contact us to book your customized presentation today!


Wonderful insights into human nature! I found his inspiring tips practical and uplifting. Great job!”


Mohamed Kalla, Executive, Amka Products, South Africa

“Very relevant! I found the message of living a life of purpose refreshing, and I plan to practice some of his inspiring and practical messages.” 


Shesh Kulkarni, President & CEO, UFM, India

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